Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gun Violence in US Kills More Than War

In the US, 1 in every 31 adults is in prison, jail or on supervised release. geath by guns every yrer is more that US deaths in Wars overseas. Yet, the right to own guns continues, while those how incite using guns to kill do not have free speech protection, and can and are prosecuted.

Watch in this video, as a Coffee Klatch, neighbors question prospective DA about their fears about Philly being the wild west, and more dangerous that either detroit or Baltimore. The man speaking, a caucasion, refers to white people as "people like us," and to Affrican Americans as "animals."

Phildelphia is the City where the police actually droped a bomb on the hose of MOVe members, and allowed it to burn, destroying a whole city block, in 1985.

Tension between the "oppressive" police and the "oppressed African American" community continues.

many Affrican Americans contend that "Whites" are making money on black on black violence, by selling durgs and guns into economically depressed inner city neighborhoods.

Recently, a group of Affrican American kids were refused the right to swim at a privat pool, even though they had paid priveliges to do so. White folks left the pool, claiming that they felt afraid of the "black" children that looked different from them.

Look for updated to this story.

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