Tuesday, October 28, 2014

China's Response To Ebola Outbreak In Africa Super Fast Due To Lessons Learned Fighting SARS

China sent medical teams to Africa to search out those infected, and medical labs to identify those infected, and to educate the people to prevent panic and spread of disease. Although China is still a developing country, China's was preaised by WHO for it's immediate response. There are many challenges in Africa it containing the spread of Ebola Aid Workers desperately need protective suits. The search for Ebola meds is urgently ongoing. Ebola and Cultures of Engagement: Chinese Versus Western Health Diplomacy Authors: Erica Penfold, Researcher/Project coordinator, Poverty Reduction and Regional Integration project; Pieter Fourie, Research Fellow, Poverty Reduction and Regional Integration project, South African Institute for International Affairs Oct 3, 2014 http://www.cfr.org/councilofcouncils/global_memos/p33560